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Are you a good person? Are you honest? Have you complied with law?

Forget all of this and enroll in my party: Money Party.

You will like be mayor and have power. You can do all that you want: steal, defraud, swindle, cheat, bribe, blackmail, break laws.

Dress your suit, put your hair cream and come to my office. You are going to work as you've never done...counting bills.

Play this funny clicker. You can make a lot of money as a "great" politician.

Make contracts like: Fixed votes, Botchs inaugurations, Black credit cards, Illegal constructions, Stock market speculation, Tax increases and more...

Upgrade your contracts in order to obtain mor beneficts and achieve all the awards that show your good management.

Get your bank statement from Switzerland and share with your friends. Who is the best corrupt?

Become a Corrupt Mayor!!!

(Any resemblance to existing persons in politics is purely coincidental)

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